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woman using epilator for underarmsWhat is the best epilator for the underarms? Armpit hair is something that most women are embarrassed to talk about. It’s completely normal to feel self-conscious about it. Don’t let that stop you from going sleeveless.

How come only models and celebrities can flaunt their flawless underarms and us everyday girls struggle everyday to keep our underarms hairless?

Most of us have tried everything.

Shaving. Check. Most women shave their underarms but don’t like that hair grows back so fast. Shaving can leave the underarm area with a dark shadow since hair is not removed from the root. The results usually lasts less than 24 hours. It’s a hassle.

Hair removal cream. Check. Some women like using hair removal creams like Nair but have experienced limited success. Sometimes, these creams can even burn the skin if left on too long.

Waxing. Check. While waxing leaves armpits stubble-free, it can be expensive.

Since epilators remove hair from the roots similar to waxing, the idea of epilating sounds promising. After conducting our epilator reviews, we’ve decided to round up the best epilators to have smooth underarms free of the dark underarm issue.

Things To Consider When Buying An Epilator For The Underarms

The underarm area tends to be ultra sensitive to pain and its uneven terrain makes it difficult to get all the hair. In the underarm area, experts recommended moving your epilator around in circular motions since hair grows in different directions. With that said, you want to consider choosing an epilator that is small enough to maneuver around and one that doesn’t have too many tweezers. An epilator for the face will work but you can also go with a regular good quality epilator designed for the whole body.

Not going to lie, it’s going to hurt like he#$, but most who have tried it say that the results are totally worth it. Over time you definitely get used to it.  Most women have coarse armpit hair and ripping it out is going to hurt. In fact, if it is your first time we recommend using a numbing cream with Lidocaine like this one.

Pull the skin taut and do a little at a time. Hair should be the correct length to prevent breaking. Shave the area the day before and epilate the next day so you are not grabbing all the hair at once. After epilating, the area will be sore and red and may even bleed a bit if it’s your first time or you haven’t done it in a while. Make sure you don’t use deodorant the same day you epilate or your armpits will be on fire.

Since hair tends to be coarser in this area, underarm hair might have a tendency to become ingrown. Before you remove the hair, scrub your armpit area with a manual exfoliator like a glove or a loofah. Also after removing hair, try using something with salicylic acid or glycolic acid like Tend Skin to help prevent ingrowns.

The Best Choices Of Epilators For The Underarms

Emjoi Soft Caress
Panasonic ES-WD94-PWe like the Emjoi Soft Caress. Why? It’s got 36 gold plated tweezers that tweeze your underarm hair at the same time. We like the number 36 because it is not too many tweezers nor too little. Further, it has the perfect form factor for the armpit area. It’s completely cordless, making it more convenient. One feature that we really like about it is that you can use it either cordless or while plugged in, so you don’t have to wait for it to charge. The only problem we have is there is no indication of how much charge is left.

Both beauty bloggers and users alike seem to agree that it works great on the underarm area.

A ton of beauty bloggers mentioned that they use this particular epilator to remove unwanted underarm hair, leaving their armpits smoother and brighter.

When beauty blogger KTDollz mentioned she uses the Emjoi Soft Caress to get pretty underarms, our curiosity peaked. She was impressed that it had two speeds but found the first speed more than enough for her needs. Still, depending on the coarseness of your armpit hair, you might find the second speed works better for you because it is designed for coarser hair.

After years of shaving, she was disgusted with the black shadow she got from shaving saying, “ill”. Waxing gave her similar results, but she found the epilator more cost-effective. After she was done, she teased everyone saying “look how pretty that is.”

Bebexo had a similar experience, saying that this particular epilator works great on the underarms. She was actually afraid to use it when she first turned it on because the sound it made terrified her. She recommends it only for anyone who can stand the initial pain.

Christine aka XTeeener took the plunge with this epilator even after being intimidated. No matter what, she needed to remove her armpit hair. The first time it took her forever. It hurt so bad. She had to stop and then go at it again. Since it was the first time, there was some bleeding. It’s normal. Since hair grows in different directions, she found that it worked best by using circular motions or gliding the epilator in different directions. She was so happy with the results, rejoicing it was “worth the pain!”

Influential beauty blogger, Daiserz89 called it painful to remove hair from the armpit. She rated the pain level a 7 out of 10, but also said it was worth it. It’s as loud as a food processor. She said it leaves her armpits hairless for a week or two. She loved how easy it was to use. She recommends you use short, quick strokes and take frequent breaks.

Still, Vanessa Ragos had a lukewarm review saying it left her with too many ingrowns.

On Amazon, this epilator is receiving great reviews, receiving an average score of 4.1 out of 5 with a total of 309 reviews.


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