Best Way To Remove Upper Lip Hair

Tweezing Upper LipWhat’s the best way to remove upper lip hair? There is nothing more annoying than hair on the upper lip and face. According to legend, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra removed hair from their face.

Even today, removing facial hair has been a hot topic on blogs and youtube. Whether you epilate, shave, pluck, or wax, there are a lot of ways to remove unwanted facial hair. The best part is that it makes skin feel smoother, making it easier to put on makeup and absorb products. Your face looks so much better because it just glows.

Long Lasting Ways To Remove Facial Hair

Though they are not permanent, all of the following methods involve ripping hair out at the root. Results can last for a few weeks.


If you have peach fuzz on your upper lip, a facial epilator is a great way to remove hair. A regular good quality epilator is a bit too large to use on the upper lip, but they make smaller ones designed for the face.

For peach fuzz, there is a manual epilator that works a lot like threading. It looks like a stick. You simply bend it and twist the ends. There are even small battery operated epilators designed for the face.

One of the benefits of using a facial epilator is that the results last longer since you are removing hair from the root. In the beginning, using an epilator can be painful, since you are plucking hair out of the root.

Ready To Use Facial Wax Strips

Ready to use wax strips are incredibly easy to use since the correct amount of wax is already on the strip. There are fairly inexpensive. They are great for removing hair on the upper lip.

To heat up the wax on the strips, you rub the strips between your hands a little. Then it’s ready to use. Pull the strips apart so you get two strips, one for each side of the upper lip. Use a lip balm on and around your lips to prevent the wax from ripping out hairs you don’t want to.

Close your lips and apply the strip to one side of your upper lip. Smooth the strip in the direction that hair grows. Count to 3. Then quickly rip it off in the opposite direction without stopping. Since you are removing hair at the root, it hurts.


With threading, hair is pulled out using a thread used in a criss cross motion. If performed correctly, hair is pulled out from the root. Like epilating and waxing, it can be quiet painful. It is best done by a professional because there is a lot of skill involved. It costs about $10 per session.


Although it takes awhile, you can use a tweezer to remove hair on the upper lip. It is cheap and effective but painful. It’s time consuming but whenever you are watching tv or surfing the web, you can clean up your upper lip.

Painless Ways To Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

Not everybody likes the pain associated with ripping hairs out.  Although the results don’t last very long, here are painless ways to remove upper lip hair.


You might be actually surprised that it is okay to shave the peach puzz on your face and upper lip. You don’t use a regular razor but instead a special blade. It’s called dermaplaning. Dermaplaning just means gliding a sharp blade across your face.  If it’s your first time, it is best to get this professionally done.

The secret is to use an eyebrow shaper. Tinkle makes a great one that you can find on Amazon. It has a guard. You gently shave your face. It does grow back but according to Robert Shmerling, M.D, it doesn’t come back thicker contrary to popular myth. It’s just peach fuzz. However, the process must be repeated very frequently.

Hair Removal Cream

If you don’t like the thought of using a razor but still want something painless, you can use a hair removal cream like Olay Facial Hair Removal Duo. It’s gentle enough to be used on the upper lip. It can be expensive but the product does seem to last for awhile.

Be careful with creams. They have chemicals that melt hair away and you may have an allergic reaction to them. Always test it in a small area.


With bleach you are not actually removing any hair, you are merely camouflaging it.

Permanently Reduce Facial Hair

Although these methods are pricier, once the treatments are done, you get permanent reduction or permanent results.

Laser Hair Removal

Although laser hair removal is not for everybody, once you complete treatment, the results can be near permanent. According to the Mayo Clinic, hair is reduced 40% – 80%, depending on your hair type.

Laser hair removal can only be used on women with light skin and dark hair. It can be very painful.  The sessions are generally pretty short since the facial area is quiet small. Each treatment costs around $200 – $300. You have to complete about 5 – 6 treatments over the course of a month.


Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal. It’s very effective at removing fine facial hair on the upper lip. It works by destroying the hair follicle.

A tiny needle is inserted into the follicle and electricity is sent into the follicle to destroy it. The process has to be repeated for every follicle. It’s very time consuming and expensive.

Ladies, these are the best ways to remove upper lip hair. Which one is your favorite method or which one would like to try? Let us know if we missed any method in the comments below.

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