Body Epilators

Body epilators are designed to be used primarily on the legs and arms. Typically these electric epilators have wider epilating areas that allow them to cover a larger area. Here are the current body epilators from Braun, Epilady, Philips, Remington, Emjoi, and Panasonic.

Braun Silk 9

Braun-Silk-9-square-300X300Braun’s latest epilator is its most advanced. Designed to remove more hair per stroke, it features a 40% wider epilation head over the previous model. With longer tweezers, Braun claims that it has improved the way the tweezers grip, resulting in faster epilation.

Braun Silk 7 Skin Spa

Braun-Skin-Spa-7The Braun Silk 7 SkinSpa is a 2 in 1 epilator. It includes both an exfoliating spa brush and epilator. The spa brush removes dead skin 4 times more effective than manual exfoliation. The exfoliating brush is designed to prevent ingrown hairs from developing. The Close grip tweezers are designed to remove hair as short as 0.5mm. Other features include 2 speed settings, a smartlight, and a pivoting head.

Braun Silk 7

Braun-Silk-7-square-300X300The Braun Silk epil 7 is a wet and dry epilator designed to remove the shortest hairs as short as 0.5mm. Braun calls the technology close-grip technology. It is fully cordless and can be used under water. It includes a shaver head and several other attachments designed for epilating the underarms, face, and bikini line.

Braun Silk 5

Braun-Silk-Epil-5If you don’t need a wet and dry model, the Braun Silk 5 is very comparable to the Braun Silk 7. It features the same close grip technology and 40 tweezers. It is a corded model.

Braun Silk 3

epilatorBraun’s entry level epilator features 20 tweezers for removing hair. It features massaging rollers, 2 speeds, and a smartlight.

Epilady Legend 4

Epilady-Legend-4The Epillady Legend 4 is the 4th generation of the Epilady Legend series. With 32,000 tweezes, it is designed to be used anywhere on the body including the arms, legs, and underarms.

Epilady Classic Trio

Epilady-ClassicThe Epilady Classic Trio was the very first epilator designed for the body. It was Epilady’s best selling model. It used a spring coil to remove hair. Epilady brought it back after much fanfare. It features 3 speeds and runs on a cord.

Epilady EpiFlex

Epilady-epiflex--square-300X300The EpiFlex is Epilady’s latest innovation. It has the most tweezers ever on an epilator with 112 discs. This wet and dry epilator is designed to be used under water or on land. The most unique thing about it is that it features dual motors that drive the two heads. Epilady claims that it’s the best epilator on the market  since 1986.

Epilady Speed

Epilady-SpeedThe Epilady Speed is Epilady’s entry level epilator with 20 tweezers. It includes 2 speeds. The included guide helps you keep the epilator at the correct angle with the skin to get the best performance.

Epilady Waterproof

Epilady-waterproof-300X300The Epilady Waterproof is designed to be submerged under water. It looks like a tank. It includes 44 tweezers for efficient epilation. Like the other Epilady epilators, it includes a guide for placing the epilator correctly on the skin. There is a separated epilation head designed for epilating the face. Also included is a bikini trimmer.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P

Panasonic-ES-ED90-P-square-300X300The Panasonic ES-ED90-P is Panasonic’s most feature rich epilator with 6 attachments. Equipped with a light and 2 speed settings, this epilator is great for the body. It even includes a smaller epilator head for more difficult areas. The epilator is wet and dry and can be used with a lather for gentler epilation. With 48 tweezers and 2 caps, this is Panasonic’s best epilator.

Panasonic ES-ED64-S

Panasonic-ES-ED64-SThe Panasonic ES-ED64 is both a cleansing brush and epilator in 1. This wet and dry model is designed to be used under water or dry. With 4 attachments and 48 tweezers, this epilator is designed for hair removal at the root.

Panasonic ES-ED70-G

Panasonic-ES-ED70-G-square-300X300The Panasonic ES-ED70-G features 5 different attachments including a shaver attachment with a pop out trimmer. Featuring 48 tweezers and Panasonic’s dual wide disc technology, Panasonic says this epilator is a good alternative to waxing.

Panasonic ES-ED50-N

Panasonic-ES-ED50-P-square-300X300With 48 tweezers, the Panasonic ES-ED50-N includes 4 attachments including a shaver head with trimmer, gentle cap, and bikini comb. This wet and dry model is designed to be used in the water or even dry.

Panasonic ES-EU20-P

Panasonic-ES-EU20-PPanasonic’s entry level epilator features 24 tweezers and 3 attachments including a shaver with trimmer.

Philips Satin Perfect Epilator

Philips-HP6576-Satin-PerfectThe Philips Satin Perfect is Philips most powerful epilator. It is the only model with ceramic tweezers. The extra wide head is designed to remove more hair in each pass. It is a cordless model but can also be used while plugged in. The battery charges in about 1 hour giving you 40 minutes of use.

Philips Satin Soft Epilator

Philips-Hp6520-70-Satin-SoftThe Satin Soft Epilator is a mid range epilator from Philips. It is completely cordless. It includes a vibrating attachment which is supposed to make epilation less painful. It features 2 speeds.

Philips Satinelle Epilator

Philips-HP6401-Satinelle-EpilatorThe Philips Satinelle is Philips entry level epilator and its most popular. With an inexpensive price, this epilator is a great value. It doesn’t feature a ton of attachments or even a rechargeable battery but for basic epilation it works.

Remington Smooth And Silky Essential Epilator

Remington-Smooth-and-Silky-Full-Size-Epilator-EP6010This corded entry level epilator from Remington has 40 tweezers. It includes an angle cap to ensure the epilator is placed at the correct angle on the skin. It features 2 speed settings.

Remington Smooth And Silky Wet/Dry Face And Body Epilator

Remongton-smooth-silky-square-300X300With 40 tweezers, the Remington Smooth And Silky 7030 is designed for the face and body. The massaging cap contains aloe vera to soothe the skin after epilation.

Emjoi Emagine

Emjoi-AP-18-EmagineEmjoi’s most popular epilator, the Emjoi Emagine, features 72 tweezers and operates on a cord. The head is treated with anti microbial technology to prevent against infection. To prevent hair from breaking there is plastic piece which picks hair off the skin. The design of the epilator helps pull the skin taut.

Emjoi eMagine Rechargeable

Emjoi-AP-18R-EmagineThe Emjoi eMagine is exactly the same as the Emagine except it features a rechargeable battery which allows you to use it cordlessly.

Emjoi eRase e60

Emjoi-eRase-e60The Emjoi eRase e60 is a super small and cute corded epilator that features 60 tweezers. It features the same technology as Emjoi’s other epilators including skin glide technology which helps the epilator glide more easily over the surface of the skin.

Emjoi Soft Caress

Emjoi-Soft-Caress-EpilatorThe Emjoi Soft Caress has 36 gold hypoallergenic tweezers. This corded epilator features 2 speeds and is designed to be used on the legs, arms, underarm, and bikini line.

Emjoi Divine Battery Operated

Emjoi-Divine-batteryThe Emjoi Divine is a battery operated epilator with 36 tweezers. It features 2 settings and silver ion technology.

Emjo Seal

Emjoi-Seal-square-300X300This is Emjoi’s first wet and dry epilator. It includes 42 tweezers and Emjoi claims it is its most powerful epilator. It contains a buffer attachment for smoothing away the bottom of the foot.

Emjoi eMagine 4 Men

Emjoi-AP-18MS-Emagine-Epilator-for-MenEmjoi eMagine 4 men is the only male epilator. It contains the same technology as the Emagine. It is designed to remove hair from the body including the legs, trunk, and arms.

Emjoi Elegant Rechargeable Epilator

Emjoi-Ap-17UDR-ElegantWith 36 tweezers, this rechargeable epilator includes a light for seeing difficult hairs. It also includes a shaving and exfoliating head.

Emjoi Light Caress Rechargeable

Emjoi-Light-Caress-RechargeableWith 36 tweezers, this model is similar to the Emjoi Soft Caress but it includes a light on it.

Emjoi Divine Rechargeable

Emjoi-AP-17SE-DivineWith 36 tweezers, this model is similar to the Emjoi Divine but it includes a rechargeable battery, shaving head, and exfoliation attachment.

Emjoi Optimax Rechargeable

Emjoi-AP-98R-OptiMaxWith 30 tweezers, the Emjo Optimax is fully cordless and portable. It can also be used with the cord.

Emjoi Soft Caress Corded

Emjoi-Soft-Caress-Epilator-CordedWith 36 tweezers, this model is similar to the Emjoi Soft Caress except it requires the use of a cord.

Emjoi Gently Silken Epilator

Emjoi-AP-9PB-Gently-Silken-RechargeableWith 18 tweezers, this rechargeable epilator can be used with or without the cord.

Emjoi Prestige

Emjoi-Prestige-21-TweezerWith 21 tweezers, this epilator contains 2 speeds and can be used corded or cordlessly.

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