Braun And Jessica Alba Spread Message Of Positivity Through Social Media

Jessica AlbaBraun and Jessica Alba have launched a new campaign called #breakfree to spread the message of positivity to help women break free from the shackles of doubt.

Jessica Alba is normally known as the confident and beautiful actress behind Sin City, but now she is involved in a powerful campaign for women. She says: “I completely relate to feelings of self-doubt, but I also know how empowering female positive reinforcement is. Let’s give each other the confidence to break free from self-doubt and all walk a little bit taller.” Women can head to Twitter and spread the message of positivity under the hashtag #Breakfree.

Research shows that judgment from other women can have a great impact on the way women perceive themselves. That is why positive encouragement can help empower women to feel better about themselves.

Dr. Julia T. Wood, a Humanities Professor at the University Of Carolina, states that now with Social Media it easier than ever to show your support. Of course, it is also just as easy to create a cloud of negativity.

62% of British women said that they were greatly impacted by positive messages from their female friends, colleagues, and other moms. 87% of British women said that they would do their best if they received some encouragement beforehand. The best type of reinforcement would be in front of others in public.

It has been shown that positive words not only boost confidence in the short term but also the long term. 20% of women said that a positive comment would stay with them for life. Just a few words of encouragement can help women break free from any negativity surrounding them.

The global campaign is being spear-headed by Braun, the world’s most popular epilator brand. The German beauty company also makes hair dryers, shavers, and hair straighteners. Removing unwanted hair with epilators can help women regain their confidence, but the campaign goes beyond just looking better. Instead of judging other women, Braun wants women and men to offer each other positive encouragement.

Braun believes its products not only help women look their best, but also make women more confident about themselves. Braun believes this positive message can be spread and it has never been easier to spread than with the power of social media. Braun is inviting women to share a positive message on Twitter about any woman they admire with the hashtag #breakfree.

Jessica Alba was recently named as Braun’s Beauty Ambassador. She helped Braun launch its new 2-in-1 facial epilator and cleansing brush. She credits the Braun Face for giving her her flawless glow. Jessica Alba is supporting the new break free campaign and calling on women to celebrate their achievements. She was excited to be a part of the campaign saying, “I’m really excited to be working on this campaign as I completely relate to feelings of self-doubt and feeling judged but, happily, I also know personally how wonderfully empowering female endorsement is. I’m asking women to say, share and show their support to female friends, family, colleagues – sisters everywhere. Let’s give each other the confidence to break free from self-doubt and all walk that little bit taller. Think of a woman you admire and tell her today!”

In March, Braun asked Jessica Alba to be the representative its brand. She will be a part of the #breakfree campaign in print, in store, digitally and TV. The Break Free Campaign Video is already airing on multiple advertising channels.

Jessica Alba said that she can relate to feelings of doubt. On the Meredith Vieira Show, she said in her teens she wasn’t so sure about herself and found that she apologized a lot. Now she is a lot more comfortable in her own skin, but she is only human. Jessica Alba recently opened up to Glamour about her feelings of insecurity.

For celebrities being in the public eye is so difficult especially with the rise of social media tools such as Twitter and Instagram. With media, you are always looking through somebody else’s lens. Jessica Alba uses social media to present her real self.

Alba says the Break Free campaign is all about supporting women with words of encouragement. There is so much negativity in the world. We need more positivity. The campaign is about spreading love and not worrying about self doubt.

She goes on to say that everyone has moments of self doubt even her. She deals with it in different ways. Sometimes she needs a workout, or to cry with her husband, or a girl’s night out, or just educating herself about what is making her insecure. Knowledge is empowerment.

She is inspired by her family, her grandmother who helped raise her, and her children who help her live in the moment. Her mother was instrumental to her success. Now Jessica Alba has her own children. She is figuring it out as she goes. She wants her kids to be creative, open, learn, and try things.

She teaches her kids that beauty is more than skin deep. It is more about kindness than anything else. The most important thing is that you have a big heart. She says, “If you are nice to the planet, animals, and other people– that’s what is beautiful.”

Her daughter is too young to understand the message. Right now, like all little girls her age, she is obsessed with princesses. Alba instills in her kids that even princesses have a tough job because they have to help people. Giving is what really makes a princess.

Her kids love playing with hairbrushes and being girly. They have plenty of play beauty products including hair dryers and flat irons. Kids want to do what their parents do. Alba remembers when she stole her mother’s high heel shoes out of the closet. Her kids do the same thing. She tells them, “Don’t touch those. You are going to fall on your face.” She doesn’t allow her kids to choose what she wears because she would look like somebody out of the Renaissance period.

Alba loves pushing the fashion boundaries and trying new things. She likes to break out of the routine. She says, “How you look translates to how you feel.”

Everybody wants to know how Jessica Alba has so great skin. She says that she pampers it. She cleanses, moisturizes it, and exfoliates it. When she isn’t getting a professional facial she will use the Braun Facial Epilator. She drinks plenty of water when she travels. She says that her cleansing routine is very important when shooting movies because she is wearing makeup all day. She has started doing Hot Yoga. It is a mix of boot camp and power yoga. She says, ” There is hip hop music. There is steam and it is fun. And it feels really good after.”

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