Braun Set To Release New Series 9 Electric Razor

Braun-Series-9-ShaverMen have shaved their facial hair throughout history beginning with blades.  Some prefer wet shaving while others prefer dry shaving. It really depends on preference and how much time you have.

Ask any man: Facial hair removal is a big part of a man’s life. It is estimated that men spend about 1800 hours of their lives shaving. That is a considerable amount of time. Nowadays many men prefer electric razors because they save so much time over standard blades. While the traditional way of shaving still gives you the best results, not everyone has the time for it. Over time, it can get expensive to replace the blades. For the most part, electrical razors are a single investment that lasts for several years. Over the years, electric razors have gotten better and better.

Later in August 2015 Braun plans to release its all new Braun Series 9 electric razor. We have seen other Braun Series 9 products already hit the market. In June 2015, Braun released the Braun Silk 9. Is it the top ladies epilator? For more information, see our hair removal epilator reviews. Braun even released its first epilator for facial hair.

Braun promises this new razor provides the most comfortable and closet shave in the fewest strokes possible. Braun has spent over 5 years to create this new shaver, employing a team of 60 engineers from 10 different disciplines. Who would have thought it would be such a huge undertaking? Braun tested the new shaver on 3-day old beards to see how effective it was at removing a large amount of hair. By trying it on the toughest beards, Braun was hoping to design a shaver that would work regardless of how much hair you have and what state your facial hair is in.

The new product combines the function and form that Braun is known for. The cool LED display keeps you up to date on the cleanliness and power of the device.

According to Braun, the secret behind this new razor is the new flexible Syncro Sonic shaving head with 4 cutting components and sonic technology. All of the elements are individually floating. The cutting head features a pivoting action. These components work together in tandem to lift, trim, and cut hair. Flat lying hair is the biggest reason most electric shavers miss hair. The Braun Series 9 lifts, directs, and cuts problematic hair with the hyperlift and direct cut trimmers. The two OptiFoil shaving foils then cut the hairs without causing irritation.

The shaver has a fully flexible shaver head, adapting to the skin on the most difficult areas. Braun states that even the chin, neck, and jaw line are no trouble for its newest razor. There is even a pop up trimmer for the sideburns. The Braun Series 9 is a wet and dry shaver that can be used with a foam or even in the shower. The motor is Braun’s most powerful yet delivering 40,000 cutting actions and 10,000 micro vibrations per minute. Like previous editions, the Braun comes with a cleaning station.

Braun is hoping all this technology means that men will spend less time shaving. Will it live up to its promise? We’ll find out later in August.

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