Braun Unveils The Braun Silk- épil 9 Epilator

Braun has finally revealed the follow up to its popular Braun Silk Epil 7 epilator, the new Braun Silk- épil 9. Jessica Alba, the beautiful 33 year old actress, mum, and entrepreneur, is the star of new campaign for Braun’s latest epilator. Late last year she helped Braun launch its facial epilator, the Braun Face. She also helped Braun with its #Breakfree social media campaign. After a recent photo shoot for the Braun Silk Epil 9, she is officially a Braun Babe. Wearing high waist white shorts, a white vest, and a nude colored biker jacket, Alba shows off her long, hair-free, toned and tanned legs. Making a striking pose, her legs are accented by her nude strapped heels. Another close up shot reveals her beautiful smile with pink lipstick on. She credits the Braun Silk Epil 9 for making her feel more confident.

Speaking about the Braun Silk 9, she says, “I am a big fan of the new Braun Silk- épil 9 because it puts me in control of my beauty routine. Soft, smooth skin is my foundation for every look.

Whether I’m wearing a dramatic gown for a premiere, a cute minidress out with my girlfriends or just hanging on the beach with my family, using it makes my skin look as good as I feel.

I am proud to support a brand that designs beautiful, functional products for women. The new Silk-epil 9 helps women express themselves in their personal style as it gives them the freedom to wear what they want with confidence.”

On Thursday March 5, the star of Sin City traveled to Dubai to promote the Braun Silk Epil 9, singing its praises. Along with two of her fashion stylists, Alba said that the Braun Silk 9 gives women unlimited options when it comes to picking their wardrobe. Fashion stylists, Emily Current and Merrit Elliott believe that it is important for women to invest in beauty products that make them red carpet ready in a snap. They believe that women should never have to compromise their wardrobe because they have hair on their legs. Instead, women should be allowed to wear the clothes that reflect who they are and their sense of fashion. They should not have to hide behind safe clothing because they are not beauty ready. It is empowering for women to wear something that makes them feel good about their bodies.

The updated Silk-epil 9 makes a number of improvements over the Braun Silk 7 including a wider more flexible head and deeper tweezers. The company claims that the 40% wider head removes more hair in one stroke than the previous epilators in the line. The longer and deeper tweezers are able to pick up the shortest hairs that waxing usually misses. According to Braun, it has made a number of improvements to the design of the epilator. With a flexible head that can now pivot 30 degrees and a new ergonomic design, Braun claims that its newest epilator makes better contact with the skin. Like the previous model, the Braun Silk Epil 9 can be used in the bath or shower and includes two speeds.

We are big fans of the Braun Silk Epil 7. Currently, we feel it is the best epilator for women. As soon as it is available look for our review on the Braun Silk Epil 9.

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    1. Hi LaToya,
      Thanks for the comment. Although it is already available in Europe, so far there is no specific date for its release in the United States.

      1. wen will the silk epil 11 come out … 9 series is getting cheaper so im expecting something newer

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