This chart includes ratings for similar and tested epilators.

Model NameSuggested Retail Price (MSRP)ScoreBest ForNumber Of TweezersSpeed SettingsWet Or DryType Of PowerUse While Charging?Battery Life (min)Summary
Braun 7681Braun 7681$121.49See It84%Legs & Body402BothRechargeNo40Pros: very effective hair removal, wet or dry, convenient light, includes shaver and trimmer

Cons: loud, caps don't ease pain
Braun 7181Braun 7181$ 99.99See It84%Legs402BothRechargeNo40Pros: same performance as Braun 7681

Cons: same as Braun 7681, no additional accessories of the Braun 7681
Braun 7921$121.49See It84%Legs402BothRechargeNo40Pros: same performance as Braun 7681, but includes exfoliating brush to prevent ingrown hair

Cons: same as Braun 7681, no additional accessories of the Braun 7681
Philips HP6576$149.99See It83%Legs & Body322DryRechargeYes40Pros: ceramic tweezers instead of metal, large head, massager head reduces pain, tons of accessories

Cons: expensive, not waterproof, need to remove massaging head to pull hair from curvier surfaces.
Panasonic ESED90-P$129.99See It81%Legs & Body481BothRechargeNo40Pros: same as Panasonic ES WD51P but includes foot file

Cons: same as Panasonic ES WD51P
Emjoi Soft Caress$ 59.95See It81%Legs, Armpits, Bikini362DryRechargeYes120Pros: form factor, excellent battery life, corded and cordless use

Cons: no light, takes awhile on large areas like legs
Panasonic ES WD51P$ 99.99See It80%Legs & Body481BothRechargeNo40Pros: least painful epilator, caps reduce pain, use in shower or dry, includes trimmer and shaver

Cons: have to make several passes before hair is removed, must keep head at 90 degrees to remove hair, no grip
Braun 5280$ 70.20See It80%Legs40 2DryCordedYes-Pros: light, pivoting head, can wash head under water, includes shaver and trimmer

Cons: loud, dry use only, must be plugged in, poor cord design, power cord can pop out if not firmly pushed in
Bellabe$ 19.99See It80%Face------Pros: similar to threading but easier, works great to remove fine peach fuzz from facial area

Cons: doesn't work on thick course hair, hard to be precise
Emjoi Epi Slim$ 29.95See It80%Face91DryBattery Powered--Pros: great form factor, great for removing peach fuzz, sideburns, and even coarser hair from facial region, works on armpits and bikini line too

Cons: battery powered
Emjoi Ap-18 Emagine$119.95See It79%Legs & Body722DryCordedYes-Pros: faster epilation with 72 tweezers

Cons: no light, bulky, must always be plugged in. Plastic gears.
Emjoi Ap-18R Emagine$129.95See It79%Legs & Body722DryRechargeYes20Pros: faster epilation with 72 tweezers

Cons: no light, bulky, poor battery life. Plastic gears.
Emjoi Soft Caress (Corded)$ 59.95See It79%Legs, Armpits, Bikini362DryCordedYes-Pros: form factor

Cons: no light, takes awhile on large areas like legs, must be plugged in
Philips HP6401$ 39.99See It78%Legs212DryCordedYes-Pros: affordable, form factor, moves hair relatively well on legs

Cons: must be plugged in, takes repeated strokes, tricky to use on curved surfaces, one head, only works well on legs
Remington EP7030$ 69.99See It78%Legs & Body402BothRechargeNo40Pros: affordable, pivot head, wet or dry, 2 speeds, light, rechargeable, slower speed is slower than Braun 7681

Cons: guard pops off, not as efficient as other models, requires multiple passes, weak shaver head
Remington Smooth And Silky 6010
$ 34.99See It77%Legs422DryCordedYes-Pros: affordable, 2 speeds

Cons: must be plugged in, requires multiple sweeps, only works well on legs, bulky design makes it hard to get hair around curves
Epilady EP-810-33A$ 89.95See It77%Legs, Armpits, Bikini402DryRechargeYes60Pros: lightweight, compact, corded and cordless use, 2 speeds, slightly quieter than other models

Cons: can take awhile, no light, requires multiple passes, no charge indicator light, with curved surface head hard to reach certain areas
Braun 5185$ 70.20See It75%Legs402DryCordedYes-Pros: light, pivoting head, can wash head under water

Cons: loud, dry use only, must be plugged in, poor cord design, power cord can pop out if not firmly pushed in, no shaver/trimmer
Emjoi Divine$ 34.95See It73%Face, Legs, Armpits, Bikini362DryBattery Powered--Pros: small, lightweight, affordable, cordless, 2 speeds

Cons: battery powered, drains 3 AAA batteries in 2 hours, can take awhile on large areas
Emjoi AP-9T Tweezer$ 19.95See It72%Face31DryBattery Powered--Pros: cheap, small, lightweight, good for upper lip peach fuzz and minor touch ups

Cons: battery powered, loud, easy to miss hair, ordinary tweezers are just as effective
Remington Ep1050CDN$ 14.99See It72%Face61DryBattery Powered--Pros: cheap, tiny, lightweight, good for minor touch ups on face

Cons: battery powered, loud, difficult to get stubborn coarse hairs, heats up, cheap cap, ordinary tweezers are just as effective
Emjoi AP-18MS$129.95See It70%Men722DryCordedYes-Pros: a model designed for men with improved metalic head, 72 tweezers

Cons: pricey, few changes from women's version, not really for very thick coarse hair, plastic assembly can break if taxed
Emjoi Micro Activ Facial Hair$ 29.95See It64%Face121DryBattery Powered--Pros: small, precise

Cons: battery powered, tweezers just as effective
Epilady Ep-803-17 Face-Epil$ 24.95See It60%Face61DryBattery Powered--Pros: small

Cons: doesn't get smaller fine hairs, lacks power, feels cheap, will not remove coarse hair, tweezers more effective
Epilady Esthetic Delicate$ 49.95See It49%Face-1DryBattery Powered--Pros: small

Cons: pricey, coil based, painful, ineffective, heats up, tweezers more effective
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11 thoughts on “Compare Epilator Ratings

    1. Hi EH,

      Thanks for the comment. We haven’t reviewed those models. Are these models from the UK? Hopefully, we get around to reviewing UK models soon.

      1. When searching on the Amazon UK site (searching: Philips Epilator Wet and Dry) you get all the above models to show on the first page (not all up top). But it seems the epilator is the same, just different accessories or colour.
        I am just deciding between the braun silk epil 7 and the philips satin perfect (both wet and dry). Based on reviews the philips seems a bit faster and more thorough with the ceramic discs (which some consider a bit more painful, probably because it grabs every hair…and some say less). I have an old braun corded silk epil (baby blue) and had no problems with it. I didn’t use it too much (length of time and pain (i can handle it if i want to)). I have been shaving and lasering and now my hair more sparse so I would think a epilator might just be perfect now. I bet they have come far and even with the wet option the pain seems less (based on reviews). I know the philips customer service is quite good but i am not sure about the braun (i think i read some were complaining about it and about the battery) i didn’t read such things on the philips…yet the braun seems to be the most popular (especially in the UK it even trumps with reviews on Amazon, for the US site – (Braun 4.1 stars, 4.2 for the philips non wet and dry model) – it seems the same)… i am torn!

        1. Hi EH,

          Thanks for the comment. I can certainly understand. One of the problems with customer reviews is that the owners haven’t tried different epilators. That is why you can have varying opinions that seem contradictory. We haven’t reviewed the Philips HP6581. However, it looks very similar to the Philips HP6576, which is not wet and dry. The ceramic tweezers on the Philips model we reviewed were a little less painful and its head is a little wider than the Braun, which means it removes more hair at a time. However, our findings show that the Braun 7 was a little bit more effective at pulling out hair with a minimal amount of passes especially with shorter hairs. The Braun 7 has an efficiency cap that pivots so it’s a little easier to get around the bony areas. With the Philips HP6576, you have to remove the cap to pick up some of the hairs.

          Regarding extending battery life span,

          • Make sure that you fully recharge the epilator’s battery at least once per month.
          • When the red light comes on, charge the battery before it dies.
          • Never store the epilator with no charge.
          • Using it in water may deplete operation time and battery life.


  1. Hi There
    Loved your website. I’ve being looking for a epilator for a while now and i wish I could test my final 3 options. I can’t but maybe you can help me. I’m am a long time epilator user (under arm and legs only). The one I’m using is a Braun Belle. I was thinking about going for a new one and I came up with: Braun Silk Épil 7 (not sure witch model but as I understand they are all the same just change the accessories, right?), Panasonic ED90 (it seems that the have a new one ED94) and Emjoi Emagine rechargeable (couldn’t fin in UK yet).

    I’m having a hard time with my Braun and here are my situation:
    I don’t have much hair growing because I’ve being pitching them out for more than 10 years. They are fine and short. I’ve never used a epilator with water and have no idea on how it would work. Never used a chargeable one too, so I always have the full power. After reading your review and looking for my needs what would be the best, taking into acount:

    – Braun Silk Épil 7: It uses a cord to charge and you can’t used it wile charging (that’s a con for me… I need something like get it and go… I wouldn’t remember about charging it first). It has 40 tweezers (the same amount as my original one) but it seems to catch more of the “left behind” hair. You can use it in the shower but I don’t know how I could take advantage of this.

    – Panasonic ED90: Is there a Panasonic ES-ED94? I found it to buy but I can’t see it on their website. Anyways…. I had a weird experience with a Panasonic a time ago. Like you said it is more comfortable then any other epilator and in my case I found out why it would hurt less: it was cutting the hair instead of pulling it out. Does it still happens? It can be used in and out of water (witch is interesting) and it can be used wile charging (I read in their manual). So… it seems a good option but not if it stills cuts the hair instead of pitching out. What would you say about it?

    – Emjoy Emagine rechargeable: I like the idea of 72 tweezers but that’s it. I don’t know anything about this brand on epilators. It can be used wile charging but it would be useless if it left behind fine hair like you said on your review… that Braun would get the ones it left behind.

    Pleeease I need your insight… I can’t find a way to decided witch would be the best. I’m not taking into account the price, I want to buy one that works for me and I know it is a long time investment, I have mine for the last 6-7 years, so I would not bother to expend and extra cash for the best one… 😀

    thank you for all your effort it has helped me to choose 3 from the hundreds they have out there 🙂

    1. Hi Lina,

      Thanks sweetie for the comment. Sorry for the late reply. We have been out of the office for 2 weeks. Where are you located? You are correct the only differences between the Braun Silk Epil 7 line are the accessories. Since you have been epilating for while any of them will work. Just make sure you get one with the efficiency cap since that one gives the best results. The reason we like the Braun is because it gets hair when it just pokes out of the skin. With the other epilators you have to wait a bit more if you miss the hair. The performance was better on curvier portions of the body. We don’t recommend epilating in the shower. We prefer epilating dry because when you epilate wet the hair sticks to the skin and the epilator will sometimes break the hair.

      Regarding the Panasonic, Panasonic hasn’t really changed much with the newer model besides the attachments. Sadly, it it likely to give you the same results. The Panasonic ED90 that we reviewed can’t be used while charging. In fact, all wet and dry models can’t be used while charging as a safety precaution.

      The Emjoi Emagine works well to remove hair fast but it misses smaller and finer hair. In smaller areas, you can tilt it so that just one of the heads comes in contact with the skin. Still, it can miss hair. Also, the Emjoi brand is not sold in the UK.

      The biggest downside to the Braun Silk Epil 7 is that it can’t be used when the battery is not charged. The good thing is that it fully charges up in about 1 hour. Also, once the battery stops holding a charge, you have to replace the whole unit. The Braun Silk Epil 5 can be used corded but we haven’t reviewed it yet so I can’t recommend it.

      Hope that helps and I didn’t confuse you more sweetheart,

  2. hi,
    Thanks for all of your efforts to make our purchases easier..this website is giving useful information and direction for us to be hair free..

    I have really hairy face n body..for legs and hands i have to wax once a month but i am considering buying an epilator (never used epilator before) in between/regular use on body and on regular use for armpits,facial hairs..i have long sideburns ,forehead and upperlips..i was considering buying Braun face ..but i already have clarisonic facial system so if you know Broun face + body (without facial system)…could you help me with it..i would like to purchase something that is applicable for most of my concerns..face and body..

    or should i consider buying separate but its too expensive…i never used epilator so how to decide all in one or separate epilators..what would you recommend?


    1. Hello Su,
      We are here to help. I know it is super difficult to decide. What type body hair do you have? Are you based in the US?

      Thanks Love,

  3. Hi,
    I am from India and planning to buy 2 epilators. One will be budget and to be used to epilate hands and legs only. I dont mind the noise or dry epilators or corded epilators as well. It should provide value for money.
    As far as the second epilator is concerned the only difference is that i want to use it for hands, legs, underarms and facial hair as well. Please guide me on the best epilator for both categories

    1. Hi Naina, for the budget epilator look at the Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6421.
      I think the Braun Silk Epil 5/5280 Epilator will work well, though it is a little difficult to use on the face. Be sure to use it on the slower speed setting with the facial cap in place. The Braun Face is much better option for the face.

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