Dolon Of Poutpretty Gives Advice On Epilation

Dolon has her own beauty blog over at and loves all things dealing with makeup and beauty. On her blog she reviewed the Braun Face, so who better to ask about epilating the face. She sits down with us to discuss epilation and her beauty blog.

Epilator Central: Tell us about yourself and your blog?

Dolon: Hi, My name is Dolon and I write a beauty, makeup and lifestyle blog Pout Pretty. The blog was born nearly two and half years back on a whim. I was reading a lot of beauty blogs and thought why not start one myself. And that’s really how it all began. In my blog, I write product reviews, share makeup looks, talk about skin and hair care, do outfit posts, talk about things I like, share my travel stories, write about events that I go to etc.

My day job is being a manager in an international bank and my evening/night job is being the writer and editor of Pout Pretty. I am a huge makeup addict, I love traveling and trying out cuisines of different countries, I love red lipstick, I love listening to music, I read a lot, love spending time with friends, family and my dog and I love watching movies.

Epilator Central: How long have you epilated?

Dolon: I started epilating when I was about 13-14 so it has been a long time.

Epilator Central: What was your first time epilating like?

Dolon: Painful! I had a Braun epilator back then and my first experience of removing hair from my legs was quite a jolt. I also discovered how convenient epilating was and I’ve been a fan ever since.

Epilator Central: How often do you epilate?

Dolon: I use the Braun Face to epilate my upper lip and chin about once a week and the sides of my face once in two weeks. I also epilate my arms and legs once a week.

Epilator Central: What areas of your face have you epilated?

Dolon: Upper lip, chin and sides of my face.

Epilator Central: How painful is epilation? Do certain areas hurt more?

Dolon: For me, legs always hurt the most however nowadays epilators are so advanced that there is minimum pain while removing hair.

Epilator Central: Do you epilate any other areas other than your face?

Dolon: Yes, my arms and legs.

Epilator Central: What is the most painful thing that you have experienced?

Dolon: I was about 10 when my thumb toe nail got caught in a door and was ripped off. I was screaming like crazy because the pain was unbearable and there was a lot of blood as well. That pain I shall remember for the rest of my life!

Epilator Central: Ouch! We’re glad you’re okay.

Epilator Central: What do you love/hate about epilation?

Dolon: I hate the pain. I love the convenience and the fact that epilators remove hair from roots so it takes a longer time to grow back.

Epilator Central: Do you experience any skin irritation after epilating?

Dolon: No, I’ve never felt any irritation or discomfort.

Epilator Central: Advice you’d give to someone starting out with epilation?

Dolon: It will hurt the first time so I would suggest trying it out on a small surface area to get used to the entire feeling before moving on to the arms or legs.

Epilator Central: If you could have only one beauty product what would it be?

Dolon: A black eye liner/eye pencil. I look like a ghost if I don’t have liner on!

Epilator Central: If you could have any animal what would it be?

Dolon: I love dogs and I’m so grateful for Hero, my dachshund who is an absolute darling. Other than that, I’d love to have a chimpanzee as a pet or maybe even a dolphin. They are so cute!

Epilator Central: Thanks for agreeing to this. It was so much fun and we learned so much.

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