Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Epilator Review

Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Rating


  • ProsCorded and cordless use.
    Dual voltage (110/220V).
    2 speeds.
    Slightly quieter than most epilators.
    Good battery life.
    1 year warranty.
  • Cons No light.
    No different caps.
    Not waterproof.
    Still loud.
    Requires epilator to be held at angle.
    Difficult to know when fully charged.
    Requires several passes.
  • SummaryThere are no fancy features on the Epilady Legend 4. With the included perfect angle guide, the Epilady Legend 4 ensures great results on the legs. However, in other areas it can be difficult to hold the epilator at the correct angle. Several passes are required for smooth results.

Epilady EP-810-33A Legend 4 Epilator Review

In 1986,  Epilady created the world’s first epilator. It used a coiled spring to remove hair. Over the years there have been several improvements and revisions. Now we are reviewing the Epilady Legend 4, which is the fourth generation of Epilady’s line of epilators. It looks like an electric razor. Instead of a spring, it uses spinning tweezers that are attached to a cylinder to remove hair. With 40 tweezers, it is rechargeable and includes 2 speeds.

Epilady claims that this epilator removes hair as short as 0.5mm on the legs, arms, underarms and face for up to 4-6 weeks of hairless skin. Does it live up to this claim? Find out in our in depth review.

What’s In The Box

The box has a flap that opens on the top. Along with the epilator, there is a perfect angle guide cap and regular epilator cap. Inside the box, there is also a small cleaning brush and very brief one page instructions. It also comes with a small travel bag.

Here is what is inside:

  • Epilady Legend 4 epilator.
  • Perfect angle guide cap.
  • Regular epilator cap.
  • Protective cap.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Charging adapter.
  • Travel case.
  • Instructions.
  • 1 Year warranty.


Epilady Legend 4 design

It fits in your hand nicely and is easy to hold with its rubber grip.

The design of the Epilady Legend 4 is smart and sturdy. It fits in your hand nicely and is easy to hold with its rubber grip. It is light and rechargeable, which makes it great for travel. The charging cord is very thin, making it easy to use even while plugged in. The dual voltage power adaptor (110/220V) allows you to use it anywhere in the world.

The Epilady 4 has a wide head that covers a large area. It is small enough to remove hair all over your body, but large enough to cover a decent area. It comes with a perfect guide attachment that teaches you the proper angle to hold the epilator. With it, there is no guessing. You just tap and rest the perfect angle cap on the skin to get the correct angle. However, with the included perfect angle cap, the head of the epilator is slightly curved so it doesn’t always make perfect contact with the skin especially on curved areas. Once you figure out the angle to hold it, you can use the included normal epilating cap.


number of tweezers

There are 40 stainless steel discs that act like tweezers.

Unlike the original coiled Epilady epilator, with the Legend 4 there are 40 stainless steel discs that act like tweezers. The tweezers do not dull and they never have to be replaced. As the discs spin around, they open and close. When they close, they pluck out the hair. As the tweezers pluck the hair, the white rubber touch grips hold the skin flat.

If you spin the tweezers around while the epilator is off, you can see where they close. On this epilator, the tweezers close a little to the front of the epilator. You want to lightly rest the epilator on your skin at this point. For the tweezers to pluck hair correctly, the epilator should be held at an 80 degree angle to the skin facing you.

Battery life

battery life

When the battery is fully charged, you get about 60 minutes of use.

The Epilady Legend 4 is fully cordless which means it can be used anywhere. It is nice not to have to worry about the cord getting tangled or having a power socket nearby. It can be used in the bathroom or your bedroom. It is rechargeable but it can also be used plugged in. Epilady recommends charging the battery for 12 hours before you first the epilator. When the battery is fully charged, you get about 60 minutes of use.

While the battery life is very good, charging the battery is a hassle and needlessly complicated. To charge the battery, you connect the cord to the epilator and plug it in. The light will turn red when the epilator is plugged in. However, it is difficult to tell when the battery is charged since the indicator doesn’t turn off. Epilady recommends fully charging the battery for 8 hours after each use. Compared to other epilators, this is quite a long time.

The instructions warn that overcharging the battery can shorten the battery life so it is best not to leave the unit plugged in always. You can plug the Epilady in at night and unplug it as soon as you wake up.

Although it can be used corded or cordless, the power comes from the battery and not the wall. This means even if you are using it just corded , every once and awhile you have to fully charge the epilator for 8 hours.

Speed settings

Speed Settings

The Epilady Legend 4 is so simple to use. There are 2 speeds.

The Epilady Legend 4 is so simple to use. There are 2 speeds. To turn on the epilator, there is one button on the front of the epilator that slides between the two speeds. Choose the speed based on the sensitivity of the area you are removing hair on. The fast mode is recommended for the legs and arms, where hair tends to be coarser. At its top speed, the Epilady 4 will reach 32,000 tweezes per minute. The lower speed is recommended for more sensitive areas or areas with finer hair like the thighs, face, sideburns, or back of the neck.

Noise Level

At 71 decibels, it is slightly quieter than most of the other epilators we have tested.

Epilady says the new Legend 4 is quieter than its previous models. On the lowest speed setting it is about 65 decibels. The faster speed is noisier. At 71 decibels, it is slightly quieter than most of the other epilators we have tested. Still, we wouldn’t call it quiet. It is still pretty loud which can cause a bit of anxiety to use it. It makes a buzzing sound that sort of sounds like an electric razor or electric toothbrush.

Body Areas It Can Be Used On

Although the Epilady Legend 4 is advertised for use on the legs, thighs, stomach, bikini area, and face, we found it works the best on the legs.

Although the Epilady Legend 4 is advertised for use on the legs, thighs, stomach, bikini area, and face, we found it works the best on the legs.

While it can also be used on the underarms and bikini area, the pain can be tremendous. Some women like to use a numbing cream for the first time in more sensitive areas. With this epilator, the hardest part is getting the right angle. With the legs, it is easy because you can use the perfect angle guide. In other areas, you have to keep the epilator at 80 degrees to the skin. This can be very difficult in the underarm and bikini area where hair grows in multiple directions.

According to Epilady, you can use the Epilady Legend 4 to remove facial hair. Removing facial hair is very painful. The upper lip is especially very tender so removing hair on it might cause you to get teary eyed. When using it on the face, you should always use the slower speed. You have to be very patient and careful when removing facial hair with this epilator. Do not press the epilator on the skin as it could grab and pinch the delicate skin. We found that the curved head makes it a bit difficult to remove thin hair and peach fuzz on the face. It will remove some of the longer coarser hairs especially on the chin, lower lip, neck, and side burn area.

The bulky head made it very difficult to maneuver on the face especially with the perfect angle guide. Without the guide, it can be difficult to get it tilted just right. There is a buffer on each side of the head, which makes it difficult to get close to the skin. We prefer a smaller head. Even on the slower speed, it can be a little too powerful. We don’t recommend it for the face. Instead, we recommend the Bellabe spring or Emjoi Epi Slim.


Perfect Angle Guide

While much more effective than shaving, there is a bit of a learning curve when using this epilator.

Before epilating make sure the epilator is fully charged so it has enough of power to pluck hair out properly. When the epilator has a low battery, it tends to slow down and the performance tends to dip.

While much more effective than shaving, there is a bit of a learning curve when using this epilator. Unlike most other epilators, you will notice that the tweezers don’t close at the top of the epilator. It is sort of offset to the front of the epilator. As a result, you won’t get the best results if you hold the epilator perpendicular to the skin. This means you have to hold the epilator at a slight tilt around 80 degrees to the skin to ensure the tweezers are closing at the right time. If you hold the epilator incorrectly, we found it won’t pluck hair properly and might even break a lot of hair.

The Epilady Legend 4 comes with a perfect angle guide(PAG). This makes it very easy to hold the epilator correctly.

In order to address this, the Epilady Legend 4 comes with a perfect angle guide(PAG). This makes it very easy to hold the epilator correctly. The perfect angle guide is a funny looking cap that has a piece of plastic that comes off the top of it. We recommend that new users always use the guide. As long as the cap is resting on the skin, there is no guessing.

We found it pretty difficult to pick up hair if you just run the epilator up and down in the opposite direction of hair growth. It is not very accurate. Instead, place the epilator so that the perfect angle guide is resting against your skin and run it in small light circles across your skin. We found while it was easy to use the perfect angle guide on the legs and arms, it is difficult to use or curvier areas of the body. As a result, we thought it performed the best on the legs and flatter surfaces.

Compared to the Braun Silk Epil 7, it can take a few more rolls back and forth to get all the hair out. You have to go over areas many times. This can mean several passes in different directions on difficult areas.

The Epilady does a great job on more coarse hair. For finer hair, we found the slower speed worked better. If hair is very fine like on the thighs, it can be tricky to remove. You have to go over fine body hair a lot more carefully and methodically to get most of it. Especially with fine hair, don’t let your hair grow too long. Long hair tends to be more brittle, which makes it difficult to remove at the root. It is best to epilate stubble instead of growing it out. Unlike waxing, with epilation you don’t have to wait for hair to grow out.

While Epilady claims that the Legend 4 will remove the shortest hair, up to 0.5mm , we found you do need to let your hair stubble grow out for a few days before the epilator will pick up the hair.  There is no comb that picks up hair off the skin to guide it into the epilator. It won’t get as short and fine hair as the Braun Silk Epil 7.

When hair is removed at the root, studies show that finer hair grows back. Although Epilady claims you can get up to 6 weeks of hairless skin, we don’t think this is a realistic expectation when first starting. You can expect hair to grow back in 2 weeks. Most people will want to touch up at least once a week since hair does not grow at the same rate. It can take many hair cycles to catch all the hair at the same time. The more you epilate the longer it takes for hair to grow back.

Always exfoliate your legs before and after to prevent ingrown hairs from developing. Use a good loofah, pumice stone, or lotion with alpha hydroxy.

It is normal for the area you epilated to get little red bumps or be tingly after epilating. This will usually subside in a few hours so it is best to epilate at night. After epilating, it is recommended that you do not apply any lotions or creams for an hour as they could irritate the skin.


The first time you use it, you are going to feel the hair being plucked especially if you have not waxed or epilated before.

The Epilady Legend 4 wasn’t significantly less painful than other epilators we have tested. On the tweezer head, there are white rubber touch grips which hold the skin flat. This ensures that only the hair is removed. However, in no way is it is pain-free. There is no gentle way to rip out hair from the root. Certain areas tend to hurt more. It hurts the least on your legs. On the legs, the shins, around the knees, and around the ankles, tend to be more sensitive. It is much more painful where there is very coarse hair such as under your arms and bikini area.

The first time is the hardest. The first time you use it, you are going to feel the hair being plucked especially if you have not waxed or epilated before. Not only is your skin not used to having hair plucked, but you have to remove all the hair. Initially, you just have to grit your teeth through it. When hair is plucked, it feels a lot like a rubber band snapped against the skin. It will take at least 3 or 4 sessions before you get comfortable. The more you use it, the easier it becomes as the plucking sensation decreases.

There are a couple of things you can do to lessen the pain. It hurts less when hair is short stubble. Shave the area 3-4 days before and then epilate the growth. Use it out of the shower since warm water softens the hair and makes epilating sting less. Some women like to take a couple of Advil about an hour before epilating. Always stretch the skin with your other hand while you are epilating. Don’t use it during the week you are on your period.   Your body and skin is so much more sensitive this week.

You don’t have to epilate all of your legs at the same time. Concentrate on small sections each day until you remove everything. Once both legs are done, don’t wait for all of your hair to grow out. You can touch up a couple of times a week.



After every use, you have to clean the epilator. The cap snaps off by pressing the release buttons on the side. The epilator head can be brushed with the small cleaning brush to remove loose hairs. You can also blow on the epilator to help loosen some of the stuck hairs. Then click the cap into place.


For a mid-ranged epilator with 40 tweezers, the Epilady Legend 4 is a great choice. At under $70 dollars, it is cheaper than waxing your whole body. It’s simple to use. The included perfect angle guide works great on the legs and helps you keep the epilator at the optimal angle. We like that it is rechargeable and cordless.

The Epilady Legend 4 is by no means perfect. Like any epilator, it hurts. While the perfect angle guide is easy to use on flat areas, it can be difficult to use on curved areas. There are not a lot of extras included on this model. You won’t find additional caps for different areas of the body. There is no light. Charging the epilator is trickier than it needs to be. It won’t pick up the shortest hairs and several passes are required for a smooth finish.

Still, for basic epilation, it is a solid choice.

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  1. Few months ago my wife purchased an Epilady 4th, but for over a month now it will not charge, and that’s how I got to this website by searching for tips.

    1. Hi Jimmy,
      Thanks for the comment. I am sorry it will not hold a charge. I believe this epilator runs off the battery and won’t work unless the battery has a charge. If you have tried charging it for 8 hours, the battery may be dead. Since it is only few months old, I suggest you contact support@epiladyusa.net. It should still be under the 1 year warranty.

  2. I Have ran into the same problem Maria, and have not been able to get in contact with Epilady. Have you had in luck in getting your issue taken care of? I was only able to use mine 1 time and then it stopped working, will not hold a charge for nothing. HELP

  3. Same problem as above and found this website searching for a solution. Mine won’t charge at all… Tried trouble shooting numerous ideas, as my husband is an electrician. Can’t seem to figure out a solution, and we live in Africa so contacting Epilady isn’t really an option. Help!

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