How We Test

Welcome to Epilator Central. We are interdependent professional reviewers that spend hours testing hair removal products to help you find the right product. It all begins with detailed research. We talk, listen, and interview experts. We test everything from epilators to ingrown hair products.

Testing Methodology

We researched and tested 25 of the best selling epilators currently on the market from all of the popular brands including Braun, Panasonic, Emjoi, Philips, Epilady, and Remington. Primarily, we were interested in which epilator removed unwanted hair on the legs the most efficiently with the fewest number of passes. We also noted the features and attachments, how loud each epilator was, the cost, the amount of tweezers, and how painful each epilator was. We rated each epilator. The final rating is calculated after observing hundreds of weighted data points including user and expert reviews.

We researched 25 of the best selling epilators currently on the market. Primarily, we were interested in which epilator removed unwanted hair on the legs the most efficiently with the fewest number of passes.

If you have never epilated before, epilating is a lot like tweezing, except epilators have many tweezers. As the tweezers rotate, they simultaneously pull out hair from the root. Over time, as you continue epilating, hair grows back much finer.

With the best epilator, you never have to be afraid to wear a skirt again. Trimming and shaving will leave skin feeling rough. Both shaving and waxing are too expensive. With shaving you have to factor in the cost of the razors. With epilators, you will enjoy better results than shaving and similar results to waxing without breaking the bank. Having smooth legs is an important part of beauty and being a woman. Most people only use epilators on their legs, but if you dare to go bare you can also use them on your underarms and bikini area. What are the least painful models? Does buying a more expensive epilator mean better results?

You will pay between $50 to $100 for a good quality epilator that should meet most of your hair removal needs

We looked at a range of different models from all the top brands. You will pay between $50 to $100 for a good quality epilator that should meet most of your hair removal needs. Unlike shaving there is no additional cost. Spending more will get you additional accessories that do not necessarily mean better performance. Below we will talk about what you should look for in a top rated model. Pay attention to specific features that may be important to you.  In addition to finding the a good epilator for the legs, we also found the best epilator for the face,  an epilator for the bikiniepilator for the armpits , and an epilator for men.

How We Chose

With so many different epilators on the market it can be difficult to choose the right one. We have reviewed many models, but these are the best-performing models according to our unbiased weighted-average review system.

What We Look For


The number of tweezers is a very important criterion for selecting an epilator. When you first begin, epilation will take longer than shaving. Having more tweezers will save you a ton of time. Generally, the more tweezers an epilator has, the more it will cost. High-end models have more tweezers and remove hair faster than models with a smaller number. Models with a lot of tweezers are great for large surfaces where you have to remove hair like the arms and legs. Having more tweezers is not necessarily a better thing. For some people, the more hair they remove, the more pain they feel. It really depends where you are going to be using the epilator. If you are used to epilation, you might want to get a model with more tweezers.


Epilators all come with different features that offer different benefits. We look for a lot of different features. One thing we look for on models is whether it has a built in light. This helps you see any hair that you might otherwise miss. We also look for multiple speed settings as personalization is very important for users. Most epilators allow you to choose between a slower setting which is used for finer hair and a higher setting which is used for thicker hair. Newer epilators come with a cordless option.

While cordless models are nice, sometimes they don’t have the same level of power as a unit that you can plug in. A couple of epilators are fully immersible in water, which means you can use them in the bath or shower. While this option is nice to have, we found that most of the time people find that epilation works better in a dry setting. Another problem with wet and dry models is that you can’t plug them in and use them for safety reasons. They will only function cordlessly and can’t be used while charging. One thing we wish that more epilators would have is a built-in trimmer. Trimming hair to the correct length is essential to obtaining the best results from epilation. Newer epilators come with exfoliating brushes to reduce the occurrence of ingrown hairs.


The design and quality of the model is very important. Some models are small which makes them ideal for using on smaller areas of the body. Other models are designed to remove hair primarily from the legs so they have a larger form factor. Design also refers to useability and design flaws within the product.

Pain Level

Pain is very subjective and each person will experience a different level of pain depending on their experience and hair type. The truth is even with built-in massagers and epilation wipes, first-time users are going to experience pain. Massagers can help distract your nerves from the pain, but it is still not going to be pain-free. It is really hard to rate the level of pain. The amount of pain you experience really depends more on your technique than the epilator. We think pain is pain and removing hair from the root is going to cause some level of discomfort.

We did find that using the epilator under water can reduce the amount of pain you feel. To be honest there is no pain-free epilator and that is why none of the epilators were rated significantly different in this category. We have yet to find a painless epilator. If you decide to epilate, it is going to painful at first, but trust us it gets easier over time.


Epilators are very loud. Most of them get as loud as 65 Db to 80 Db. Most epilators are a little louder than a men’s electrical razor. A higher score means the epilator is less quiet. None of the epilators we looked at were really significantly quieter. In fact, the sound can be very terrifying at first. It’s just the sound of the tweezers rotating very fast. Generally, the faster it rotates, the louder it will sound.


Cleaning refers to how easy it is to clean the device. Some epilators are coated with a hypoallergenic material which helps detract from bacterial growth. None of the epilators actually collect any of the removed hair. This means if you are using it in the bathroom, you have to place a towel down on the floor. For epilators that you can use in the shower this not a problem. Most epilators come with a standard cleaning brush that allows you to brush loose hairs off the epilator.

We think that it is easier to clean an epilator under running water. This is why wet and dry models are very easy to clean. There are some models that allow you to remove the head and wash just the head under water.

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