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Upcoming star, ZaZa is both a model and musician. Her first album #Forever is a incredible start to her music career. We just bought it on iTunes. We were super excited to interview her. We caught up with Zaza to get an insight into her career, beauty tips and tricks, and what inspires her.

Epilator Central: Tell us about yourself?

ZaZa: First of all, thanks for having me. I’ve been modeling for several years now and have been singing, playing guitar, and acting since I was about 10. I’m finishing up my first year of college in a few weeks, and then transferring to an art institute to study film. When I’m not doing all that stuff I like to spend time with my friends, play with my 3 dogs, and work out. I recently started taking aerial silks classes at the gym I go to and that’s been really fun!

Epilator Central: What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever received?

ZaZa: Focus on enhancing the natural beauty you already have. Trying to make your makeup identical to someone else’s might not work the same on you because you both have different faces. Everyone is unique, so we have to customize our makeup to highlight our beautiful features. For instance, if you have full lips, try out a bold lip color. If you have big eyes or high cheek bones, highlight that. It’s all about enhancing what you’ve already got.


Epilator Central: What is the most painful thing you have ever experienced?

ZaZa:  I used to do gymnastics when I was younger. I was practicing my round-off back tuck and landed the round-off in the foam pit instead of on the mat. I flipped onto my back and my knee went right into my face. I had a black eye for 2 weeks!

Epilator Central: What’s your favorite hair removal product?

ZaZa:  Hands down it’s an epilator.

Epilator Central: Lol!!!

Epilator Central: Who inspires you?

ZaZa: So many people inspire me- that’s a tough question. Honestly there’s not one person who inspires me above others. We can all learn something from everyone we meet, so there are countless people who inspire me in one way or another.


Epilator Central: Your makeup looks incredible. What is your favorite makeup look?

ZaZa:  Thank you so much! I really love to do a smokey eye with lots of contouring and a nude lip.

Epilator Central: Do you prefer lip gloss or lipstick?

ZaZa:  Both! I put lipstick on first for color and add gloss for a shine.

Epilator Central: Your skin looks great. Tell us about your daily skincare routine.

ZaZa: Thanks! I find that the most natural of products are what help my skin the most. I wash my face with coconut oil every day. It’s awesome at removing makeup and leaves my skin nice and soft. Then I use vitamin E cream to make sure my skin stays moisturized. I also exfoliate with a konjac sponge two or three times a week.

Epilator Central: What is the one beauty product that you could never live without?

ZaZa:  Definitely coconut oil. Like I said I use it as a facial cleanser/moisturizer. It’s also great for hair treatments and cuticles.

Epilator Central: We are so excited for you. With a music and acting career ahead of you, what’s next for you?

ZaZa: Aw thank you! I’m really excited to start film school next month! I’ve always loved performing and the entertainment industry, and I want to start learning more about what happens on the other side of the camera too.

Epilator Central: Thank you very much. It was such an honor to interview you.

ZaZa:  It was an honor for me as well. Your website is awesome and very helpful! Take care!

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