Is There An Eyebrow Epilator?

using Braun Face on eyebrows

I tested and reviewed all of the most popular epilators and most epilators are not suitable to use anywhere near the eyebrows.  However, I did find one that worked pretty well for cleaning around the eyebrows. It’s the Braun Face. To be honest, I was a little scared to try any epilator near my eyebrows because one wrong move and you could look like Mona Lisa. Not fun unless you want to look like an art exhibit!

The reason why most epilators don’t work well around the eyebrows is because the surface area of the epilator is too large to navigate around the area. This is especially true for even the best body epilators .  Some of the body epilators come with facial attachments, but those are useless for epilating the eyebrows. For most of the epilators I tried, the facial attachments didn’t make the epilator less bulky.  The facial attachments just covered the head, exposing less tweezers.

Due to their smaller size, facial epilators are more appropriate. Braun, EmjoiRemington,  and Epilady make one. Even most facial epilators are not designed to epilate the eyebrows.

Most facial epilators don’t give you the precision to epilate around the eyebrows. The reason why is that most facial epilators are just shrunken versions of body epilators. They require circular motions to pick up hair and you can’t really control the hair they pick up. There is a bit of trial and error involved. Even with an epilator with just a few tweezers like the Emjoi Tweeze, it doesn’t give you the accuracy you need.

The only epilator that I recommend using anywhere near the eyebrows is the Braun Facial epilator. It’s not only a facial epilator, it is also a cleansing brush. It works on one AA battery. I recommend using a rechargeable one.The facial epilator works completely different from any other facial epilator I tested. I love its design. I was amazed it slender size along the head to fit between my eyebrows. Its long slender shape makes it look like a toothbrush. It’s beautiful. The actual tweezing mechanism is located at the top of its head. The design allows you to rotate the epilator head in the opposite direction of your hair growth, giving you a level of precision not found on any other epilator. With just a few tweezers and smaller surface area, this is not a mass plucking device.

Theoretically, you could use it on your legs but you will probably be 90 years before you finish. I guess it could be used on  bikini area, or underarms, but I don’t think it has enough powerful for very course hair.  I never really tried because the head seemed pretty small.  you guys  me to try, let me know in the comments. If you plan on using it on other areas of your body, I don’t recommend using it on face because of cleanliness.

The face does tend to break out easily. For some people it is common to breakout with pimples. I always recommend cleaning the epilator head with a little alcohol before using it on your face. I also like to clean the skin with a little witch hazel or tea tree oil to kill any residual bacteria on the skin.

I was able to use the Braun Facial epilator to clean around my eyebrows. It isn’t painful at all. Like tweezing, if you have been plucking your eyebrow hair a long time, it doesn’t hurt at all. While it is not really sufficient for shaping the eyebrows, it works great for cleaning around them. Its smaller size means that you easily clean up the area between the eyebrows.

Here are some epilator tips for making the best use out of the Braun Face epilator.

I hate the hair that grows between my eyebrows, giving me a forestache. Between the eyebrows, I like to hold it horizontally and use a downward direction on the epilator. It really works exceptionally well and is much faster than tweezing the area. In terms of technique, you can either use a tapping motion or move the epilator slowly downward.
You can also clean up the area above the eyebrows but this is a little bit more difficult. Above the left brow I like to hold the epilator upside down and start at one corner above my eyebrow toward the center of my forehead. You do have to be careful that the epilator doesn’t accidentally pick up hair you don’t want it to. I like the take the index finger of my free hand and cover up the area of my eyebrow that I don’t want to remove.

It is very difficult to clean up under the brows because the skin is looser there. I don’t recommend it unless you are really familiar with how the Braun Face works. It is possible to epilate under the brows but you have to hold the epilator horizontally to get close enough to the eyebrows. To use this technique hold the epilator horizontally and make sure the epilator head is rotating in the opposite direction of your hair growth. I use a downward direction. It is easier to remove stray hairs and it allows you to get closer to the brows. If you are using this technique do be careful not to get too close to your eyebrows. As mentioned before, the Braun Face should not be used for shaping your brows.

After epilating my facial hair, I like to use the cleansing brush every week to prevent any ingrown hair from developing.

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