LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity Talks About Epilators And Her Success

interview with LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity

LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity has taken the blogging world by storm. As an accomplished makeup artist, her blog has received numerous awards including best established beauty blog by Cosmopolitan Magazine. In addition to being featured in magazines, she has even shot a commercial for Scholl. As she says on her blog she’s the “Curly haired bandit, living the Bun life.” We love that. On her blog, she reviewed the Braun Face. We are so privileged and honoured that she agreed to an interview with us to talk about epilation, hair removal, and the secret to her success.

Epilator Central: You’re a bit of a celebrity aren’t you? We’re a bit nervous interviewing you. It is such an honour. Tell us about yourself?

So sweet, thank you! It always feels hard to tell people about myself (laughs). As mentioned I am a make-up artist, I’m also interested in Criminology. My wardrobe palette is mostly black, white & nudes (pinks / creams). I’ve got an addiction to Tumblr. Love animals and plants. I enjoy meditation and currently transitioning into minimalism – it’s not that easy considering what I do!

Epilator Central: Your blog has been called by Cosmopolitan “A Blog that Everyone Can Relate To.” We completely agree. What do you think it is about your blog that is so appealing?

Thank you! I would think it’s because I’m quite no holds-barred with my approach to blogging, anyone remember the Vajacial!? I categorize my blog as a beauty & lifestyle.As women there’s more to us than what’s on the surface when it comes to beauty. What we put in our bodies, what happens to our bodies as women, such as menstrual cycles. Also mental health. There’s just so much to us so I feel why not discuss it.

As women there’s more to us than what’s on the surface when it comes to beauty.

Epilator Central: What is the most painful thing that has happened to you?

There’s been various painful things that have happened to me, hard to just mention one but upon reflection every painful thing has given me a reason to learn to cope with the outcome and life.

LaaLaa of Dolce Vanity

Epilator Central: One of things we love about you is your ability to be yourself. What tips would you give to women who maybe lack the self confidence for whatever reason?

If there’s one thing I’ve realised is that, you’re always going to be you no matter how much you try and be someone else. You can’t lie to yourself without lying to others and what kind of life is that? My top tip is “Don’t be afraid to be yourself!” if you’re worried about acceptance those who will love and accept you being you are the most positive people to have in your world. Never look at someone else and wish you’re them. It’s not something that’ll happen overnight but slowly but surely you’ll be your own icon!

My top tip is “Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Never look at someone else and wish you’re them.”

Epilator Central: Your makeup looks incredible. Tell a little about your morning skincare routine.

Your kind words, making me feel warm inside (laughs). I have combination skin (normal – oily) and can get the odd spot here and there. I wash my face using a damp flannel that’s been submerged in sea salt and tepid water. My favourite cleansers are either LUSH Ultrabland (multi-task cleanser) or E45 Emollient Wash Cream they’re both non-foaming and mild for the skin. Toner I’ve been using is the Alpha-H Liquid Gold. Depending on how my face feels my moisturiser can change Weleda Skin Food, L’Occitane Shea Ultra Gentle Moisturiser or one of my favourite but discontinued products by Dr. LeWinn’s Even Tone Lightening Cream which is excellent for pigmentation – why do the best products have to be discontinued?!

Epilator Central: What methods of hair removal have you tried on your face?

I think I’ve tried about everything! Epilating, waxing, shaving and threading. Next up will be laser hair removal!

Epilator Central: What is your favourite type of hair removal?

I think it depends on how much time do I have to do the task. For my face I need something that last, which would be epilating. Shaving for my legs and arms if I need something quick and easy but when I have the time and leg length epilating is ideal but since using the Philips Lumea IPH Hair Removal System some parts of my leg don’t grow back!

Why do the best products have to be discontinued?!

Epilator Central: You’ve used the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal System. How did that work out?

It worked really well. What I noticed was when I was practicing and was apprehensive to use it in the beginning the patch of leg that kept getting zapped now has a lot of hair delay compared to the rest of the leg. It does take a while as you need to have hair free legs and then go over the shaved area so it is something you need to set time aside for. I’m going to use it on my face next.

Epilator Central: Everybody experiences a different level of pain with epilating. Does epilating hurt for you?

I find my upper lip is more sensitive than my legs but it’s bearable. I quite enjoy the sensation of epilating. My pain threshold is pretty tolerant for some things. Thankfully.

LaaLaa on epilation

Epilator Central: What areas of your body have your tried epilating? What area hurts the most?

Face, arms, legs and underarms. Making sure the skin is taught under my arms is a little cirque du soleil so that can be uncomfortable and the side of my lip but overtime the tingling sensation is lessened as I’ve got use to it.

Making sure the skin is taught under my arms is a little cirque du soleil.

Epilator Central: We thought that the Braun face was a top epilator for the upper lip. How well does the Braun Face work on the upper lip?

Perfectly. Being that the head is small and round, it fits above the lip and you can just roll it over. You’ve got different rotating settings that need to be adjusted for either side to capture the hairs.

Epilator Central: How does the Braun cleansing brush compare to other cleansing brushes you have used?

I wouldn’t say it’s too different, of course the heads smaller to fit the device. Meaning you can work on smaller areas such as the nose, in between the eyes, above the lip and chin. The head also rotates anti-clockwise / clockwise which is different.

Epilator Central: What would you improve on the Braun Face?

I don’t think there’s much I would change besides the fact, I’m never fond of battery operated devices, I do prefer rechargeable devices besides that I wouldn’t change anything.

Epilator Central: Do you have any secret to dealing with ingrown hair?

I always make sure the skin is supple by either soaking in a warm bath or putting a warm flannel on the area for around 5 minutes. This allows the infected area and hair to be treated easier. Having pin pointed tweezers helps, I’d say these make all the difference as you can pick the hair out from the pore. I then tweeze the entire hair out afterwards and treat the raised area, washing with an antibacterial wash or doing a aspirin treatment.

Being open minded is important. If more people were open minded I don’t think there would be so much hate and resentment.

Epilator Central: What qualities do you think are important to have?

Honesty, respect, take pride within ourselves and what’s around us. Being open minded is important. If more people were open minded I don’t think there would be so much hate and resentment.

Epilator Central: Thanks beautiful for your time. We enjoyed interviewing a celebrity like yourself.

Aw, thank you, anytime!

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