Panasonic Announces Three New Epilators At CES 2015

Panasonic New Epilators 2015At International CES 2015, Panasonic revealed three new epilators for women. These include the ES-ED70 Wet/Dry Shaver and Epilator, the ES-ED50 Wet/Dry Shaver and Epilator, and the ES-EU20 Wet/Dry Shaver and Epilator. These new hair removal devices should be available in stores by summer 2015.

The big difference between these models is the number of attachments. Both the ES-ED70 and ES-ED50 include various easy to fit attachments that allow women to personalize their hair removal routine.

The Panasonic ES-ED50 wet/dry epilator features four attachments including a shaver head, an epilation head, a bikini comb and a gentle cap. The epilator features a new pivot system that allows the head to pivot 60 degrees. This allows it to epilate difficult to reach areas on the body such as near the ankles. You can even use it on curved areas like your arms. The new pivot system helps the epilator head make maximum contact with the skin. The 48 tweezers are oriented in a double disc design which helps to remove hair quickly. It can be used with foam which offers a layer of protection for the skin. For hard to see hairs, there is a built in LED light. There are two speeds. Soft mode is perfect for beginners.

The Panasonic ES-ED70 epilator includes 5 attachments, including a smaller head for more sensitive areas. Since it is a Wet or Dry model it can be used both in the bath and shower. It is completely washable. According to Panasonic, it gently epilates with the added protection of foam. With this model, Panasonic includes the gentle skin guard which is great for beginners. The head pivots 60 degrees following the curves of the body. The gentle skin guard holds the skin tight while at the same time removing hair. The tweezers never touch the skin. The epilator only plucks the hair and never harms the skin. Supposedly, this is supposed to be less painful and results in less irritation and fewer cuts. The Panasonic ES-ED70 is designed as an all in one hair removal device for the entire body. It is designed for the legs, arms, underarms, and bikini line. It also features a built in LED light which makes spotting stray hair easier. The epilator features Panasonic’s double disc technology which contains two hair removal discs with 48 tweezers.

The Panasonic ES-EU20 Wet/Dry Epilator features 24 tweezing discs to remove short and thin hairs. With this Wet/Dry model you can epilate in the shower or bath using gentle foam. Since the epilator is waterproof, it is easy to clean under water. It features 2 heads: an epilator and shaving head.

Last year, Panasonic introduced the Panasonic ED-ED64 Wet/Dry Epilator. It included 4 attachments. It was first available on the Home Shopping Network and reached store shelves in September 2014. Product Manager, Michelle Redmond, stated that: “Panasonic is committed to creating beauty tools that offer users cutting-edge technology and also provide them greater value. With four attachment heads, the new ES-ED64 is a multi-functional beauty tool that goes beyond just epilation to provide smooth skin that lasts.” Like the other recent epilators in the line, it contained 48 tweezers. The head was able to tilt 30 degrees forward and backward which allowed it follow the curves of the body. The epilator was completely waterproof which made it easy to use in the shower or bath. It contained two different epilators heads. The standard epilator head was perfect for the arms and legs. The gentle epilator head was smaller and designed for the underarms and bikini line.

It also included a cleansing brush to exfoliate dead skin. The exfoliating brush removed old skin and could be used with soap to generate a foam. According to the company, the vibration produced by the brush helps to exfoliate the skin better than manual exfoliation.

The ES-ED-94 added a foot file offering epilating, exfoliating, and foot care in one device. The foot attachment removed dead skin build up underneath the foot which is difficult to remove with just a loofah. The attachment could be use wet or dry. According to Mr. Kei Taniguchi, Director Consumer Electronics, the ES-ED-94 provides 3 beauty tools in one, “The ES-ED-94 transforms a routine bath into a time for special care for silky smooth skin. It provides for smooth epilation without pulling out any skin, hence the ES-ED-94 can be used in most parts of the body including areas that are sensitive. We have carefully designed this device to meet all hair removal needs without harming the skin. Devices like ES-ED-94 that come in close contact with skin essentially require immense precision and we have ensured that it is safe and reliable.”


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