Philips HP6512/50 Satinelle Soft Epilator Review

Philips HP6512/50 Satinelle  Rating

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  • ProsSmall size.
    Two speeds.
    Wet or dry.
    2 year warranty.
  • Cons Cheap accessories.
    No light.
    Requires several passes.
    Dry use only.
    Misses smaller hairs.
  • SummaryRemove all the cheap accessories and you are left with a quality epilator that works well. At 21 tweezers, it doesn’t feature the most tweezers on the market. This is a corded model so ensure you have an outlet nearby

We’ve selected our overall best epilator, but today we are reviewing the Philips HP6512/50 Satinelle Soft Epilator.  For those of you that don’t know an Epilator is a small electrical hair remover. They have these tweezers that go around and yank out the hair at the root. It is sort of a like tweezing, except a lot faster because it pulls more than one hair out at a time. The benefit is that hair is removed from the root, meaning you don’t have to do it often.

Shaving sucks. I hate shaving, but do it begrudgingly. This is a nice epilator for anyone tired of frequent shaving, nicks, and everything else that comes with it. It will save you a ton of money from waxing and won’t leave a sticky mess. I am not going to lie or sugarcoat this: The downside is that epilators hurt at first. If you have never tried epilation before, when you first use this you might wonder if it is worth it.

When you first turn it on, the sound it makes seems like some medieval torture device. Remember the first time you plucked your eyebrows back in high school and had tears running down your eyes. The first time your eyebrows were all red and irritated. Now when you pluck your eyebrows, you don’t feel a thing. The same thing happens with epilation.

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This epilator has 21 tweezers, comes with two speed settings, is easy to clean, and uses an AC adapter.

Here are some great features of the Philips HP6512/50 Satinelle Soft Epilator:

  • 21  hypoallergenic tweezers
  • Corded design
  • Optional massaging attachment
  • Removes hair as short as 0.5mm from the root
  • Two speed settings
  • Includes storage bag, exfoliation glove, and cleaning brush
  • Small lightweight design
  • Designed to remove hair from the neck down
  • 2 year warranty


The Philips HP6512/50  is very feminine and cute. It’s got pretty violet flowers on the front.  From the design it is obvious that the product is marketed towards women.

You won’t see any men lining up to buy one of these unless it is for their lady. It’s got a nice small form factor and lightweight design that fits nicely in your hand. It’s small enough to fit into sensitive areas like the armpit and bikini area. On the top of the device are the tweezers which can look a little scary the first time you look at them.  The cord plugs into the bottom of the unit. To turn it on, you slide the switch to the desired speed. When running, it sounds about as noisy as an electrical razor.


Number of tweezers

number of tweezers

The Philips Satinelle Soft contains 21 hypo-allergenic tweezers that protect against bacterial growth. This model is really geared at beginners. We have definitely seen epilators with more tweezers. When you have more tweezers, you can remove more hair at once but it can hurt more.

Speed settings

speed settings
This epilator has two speeds. When it is off it is in the ‘O’ position. You simply move the On/Off slide switch to the speed you prefer. The faster speed is louder and for some people the slower speed might seem less intimidating. For bony areas like the knees and ankles, the lower setting works best. It can also be useful for thinner and finer hair. If you want to cover a large surface or have thicker hair, the higher speed works better.


massage attachment
The Philips Satinelle contains a massaging attachment which snaps on over the epilator. On one side of the attachment is a little piece of plastic teeth that is supposed to lift up the hair.  On the opposite end there is a massager that rolls which is supposed to create a massaging action. The attachment is supposed to protect the skin and alleviate some of the pain. In practice, it is kind of useless and nowhere comparable to the massager on the Braun Silk Epil 7. It is rather flimsy and while it may take away some pain away, most of the time it just ends up slowing you down.


Dry Epilation Only

This particular epilator can only be used in a dry setting. You won’t be able to take it anywhere near water, though the head is washable.

Parts Of The Skin It Can Be Used On

This epilator can be used on the legs, bikini area, and armpit area, but not the face. This epilator is only intended for removing hair below the neck. Do not use this epilator anywhere on your face.  Removing hair from sensitive areas is a lot more painful and difficult because hair is coarser and grows in different directions. Just keep it to your legs and arms and you will be fine. It works well removing hair on the legs and arms.

If you decide to be more adventurous and move onto the armpit area, it is going to be extremely painful and difficult to tolerate. It is also possible to use the Satinelle for the bikini line. Personally, we don’t recommend using it on the armpit and bikini area unless you have waxed before. These regions are not only more painful but they tend to develop ingrown hairs whereas hair on the legs tends not to develop ingrown hair.


Performance and Comfort Level

If you have never epilated, the first strokes are definitely the most shocking. For some people it can feel like little needles running across your skin. It is uncomfortable. You are removing hair out by the root, there is going to be some level of pain. Philips recommends using the massage attachment for people new to epilation. It might help to minimize some of the pain, but most of the time it just gets in the way. Remember as you continue to epilate, your roots will get weaker and it will not hurt as much. This definitely hurts when you first start using it, but there are a couple of things you can do.

If you are really worried about the pain, take two aspirin prior to taking a shower. The warm shower will open up the follicles and the aspirin should help with the pain. We think having a glass of wine is also very relaxing before an epilating session.

Before, epilating the first thing is that you should make sure that your hair is not too long.  Epilators tend to work best when hair is about 1/8 inch long or about 3 to 4mm. Since this epilator doesn’t have a trimmer, we recommend shaving your legs and waiting a day or two. Then use the epilator the following day. Keep using the epilator for a week. Hair tends to grow at different rates, so you won’t be plucking all the hair out at the same time. Over time hair will grow less and you can reduce the amount of time between epilating sessions. This technique is especially helpful when epilating sensitive areas like the bikini line.

One of the biggest challenges with an epilator is that you are going to miss more hair, both short and long. It takes a little bit of time. To remove hair, you really have to go slow and steady and make several passes over the same area. The coarser your hair, the more it is going to hurt. After you are done, it is normal for the skin to be irritated with a few red bumps.  These usually disappear within a couple of hours. If you are going out, it is best to epilate a couple days in advance. Use lotion to eliminate any dryness.  The best moisturizer should also protect against ingrown hair. We like AmLactin. It has 12% lactic acid which should protect against nasty ingrowns.


Cord Type

The Philips Satinelle is a corded model and can’t be used cordlessly. It would have been nice if the cord was just a little bit longer.


Because none of the epilated hair is collected, we recommend putting a towel down on the bathroom floor to collect the hair that falls on the ground. Cleanup of the epilator is easy. Although this is not a wet and dry model, you can wash the epilator head after removing it. To clean the unit, remove the epilator head by pushing the head in the direction marked on the epilator. The head should lift off. Then use the brush to brush away any loose hairs stuck inside the epilator. Then rinse the epilator head in warm water and let it dry.

Additional Accessories

Philips HP6512/50 Satinelle Soft Epilator comes included with some really cheap accessories. Most of which you will probably end up throwing away.

It comes with a massaging piece attachment, storage pouch, cleaning brush, and exfoliating glove. As mentioned before, the massaging piece is not terribly well designed. It’s just cheap plastic. The drawstring bag is not the best in quality and is a little small. There is nothing exciting about the cleaning brush as it is just about the same brush that is included with every electric razor. It also includes an exfoliating glove which is used to prevent ingrown hair. You are supposed to rub it on your skin between uses. It’s not the best quality but some people may find it useful.


  • 2.4” x 0.8” x 3.8”
  • Approx. 0.65 lbs
  • Incredibly small and lightweight: The Satinelle Soft HP6512/50 is light and small which makes it easy to maneuver even in the most sensitive areas.
  • Easy cleanup: Since the epilator head is washable this is epilator is a breeze to clean.
  • Two speed settings: One setting is designed for bony areas and the higher setting is for larger areas.
  • Removes hair as short as 0.5mm: This epilator is designed to remove even short hairs.
  • Hair grows back finer: With continued usage your roots will get weaker and hair will grow back finer.
  • Alternative to waxing and shaving: Its cheaper than waxing and less maintenance than shaving.
  • 2 year replacement warranty: You are covered for two years.
  • Painful: Epilating can be painful at first but you become accustomed to it. It is definitely less comfortable than using a razor.
  • Cheap accessories: Almost all of the accessories are incredibly useless. Most people will throw them away.
  • Ineffective massaging attachment: While it might reduce pain by a negligible amount, it ends up slowing you down.
  • Doesn’t get all hairs: If hair is still very close to the skin, this epilator may miss it. You will have to wait till it grows out more.
  • Can only be used dry: You must plug in this epilator. It can’t be used in a shower or bath.
  • Loud: Between the motor and spinning tweezer head, this epilator sounds as loud as an electric razor. The sound gets as high as 72 decibels.
  • No Light: The epilator doesn’t emit any light, so sometimes it is difficult to see if you got all the stragglers.
  • Can cause ingrown hair: When you are removing hair at the root, it can cause ingrowns. You must exfoliate skin before and after epilating.

What Others Are Saying

This epilator is rated extremely well on the internet with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5. Customers were impressed with the size and weight of the epilator. Using this epilator is not going to be painless. Most people found that it is painful at first, but felt that the results outweighed any initial pain experienced. Customers found it a better alternative to waxing or shaving. The majority of users are using it on their legs and say that it too painful to use on the underarms and in the bikini area.

Reviews mentioned that the massage attachment was more trouble than useful. They tried it with and without  it and said that there was very little difference. The only thing it did was to make the whole process slower. The majority of consumers loved that this epilator was easy to clean.

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    My epilator, which was purchased in 2011 is in a good condition, however the cord is not working now(some disconntion). Do I have an option of replacing the cord??


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