Spring Epilators

spring-epilators Epilation is a type of hair removal at the root. Spring epilators were the first epilators introduced on the market. The very first epilator, the Epilady Classic Coil epilator, used a spring coil to remove hair. It’s design almost resembled a slinky on an electrical razor’s body. Epilators were originally developed in Israel in 1986 and marketed and sold under the Epilady brand. While there are a few epilators that still use a spring based mechanism to remove hair, most newer epilators use a tweezer based design.  See which epilator is best today. Nowadays, spring based epilators are most commonly used for manually removing facial hair but you can still buy electrical spring epilators from Epilady under its coil series. These epilators are designed for the legs and not the underarms and bikini area.

How Spring Epilators Work

The spring coil is bent into a circular shape. When the epilator is turned on, the motor causes the spring to twist  causing little tiny gaps to be created that open and close, which rips out hair from the root.

Types of Spring Epilators

There are two types of spring based epilators- manual and electric powered. Epilady is the only company that continues to manufacturer electrical based spring epilators.

Current Spring Epilators

Here are the current epilators that use a spring to remove hair.

Epilady Classic

epilady-classicThe Epilady Classic is the world’s first epilator and Epilady’s most successful product. This corded spring epilator features one speed. Due to its popularity, Epilady actually brought back this epilator for fans of the original. Some veterans have been using the epilator for 2 decades and don’t want to switch to the newer epilators. The company claims the design is exactly the same as when it first launched. It’s nice to know if your current Epilady dies, you can easily replace it with a new one that works just as well.

Epilady Classic Trio

epilady-trioThe Epilady Classic Trio is another spring based epilator and its design is very reminiscent of the Epilady Classic, except it is a 3 speed hair remover. It runs on a cord. Like the Classic, Epilady brought this back for veterans of the product who prefer coil based epilation over tweezer based epilation.

Epilady Esthetic

Epilady-EstheticThe Epilady Classic is actually a spring based epilator for the face. Specifically made for removing fine peach fuzz on the upper lip and cheek, it won’t remove courser type facial hair. Using 2AA batteries, it extremely portable.

Manual Spring Epilators For The Face

Bellabe-There are many manual spring epilators designed for removing hair from the face. These come in many attractive colors. Unlike electrical based epilators, these epilators do not use a power supply. They are simply operated manually with your hands. The design consists a long dense spring with two knob handles. To remove hair, you bend the spring downwards in a U shape and then place it on the face where you want to remove hair. Then by twisting the handles, the hair will be caught inside of the coils and pulled out. These are great for removing the lady mustache on the upper lip. The most popular models are the Bellabe and the Epi Wand though you can find many generic versions of this product online through eBay and Amazon. We thought the Bellabe was one the best face epilators.

Have you use a spring based epilator? Let us know in the comments what the experience was like.

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