We Talk With Jody Liu About Epilation And The Environment

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Ask Jody and she will tell you straight that she’s a bit of a tomboy that loves getting dirty with Mother Nature. Being an International Pageant Queen, you wouldn’t know that one of her biggest passions is actually the environment. While Jody is a social entrepreneur during the day, she blogs about beauty over at jodulu.blogspot.com at night. Her beauty blog was a top 10 finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards last year and this year, her blog has been selected again. She recently reviewed the Braun Facial epilator on her blog. Here, Jody speaks about beauty, epilating, and the environment. We are in love with her and hope you are too.

Epilator Central: You are recognized as an International Pageant Queen. What has that experience been like?

It was an experience of a lifetime, but to be honest, I’ve been pretty low key with my title outside of the media industry and more focused in other aspects of my life. So, while I am an International Pageant Queen, I am first and foremost, a person who is passionate about nature and not afraid to get down and dirty!

Epilator Central: Tell us about your blog.

I write mostly about beauty on my blog, but I also cover lifestyle topics like food, travel and green living.

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My beauty blog came about because a handful of my girlfriends suggested that I should share my beauty tips and tricks online during a “Ladies-Day-Out” when I was teaching them how to put on makeup for their job or dates. They wanted me to do so, so that they could have something to refer back. I wouldn’t have gone down this beauty blogger path if it wasn’t for them!

I think the core issue of our environmental crisis is that we tend to take things for granted.

Epilator Central: We love how on your blog you say “I’m not someone asking for a radical change, but more for a balance.” What does that mean?

I think the core issue of our environmental crisis is that we tend to take things for granted, and consume as if resources are unlimited and as if there are no environmental effects from the process of obtaining these resources or from the production of things.

That being said, it’s unrealistic to expect the world’s population to stop consuming the way they are now and strictly restrict the use of resources.

So, what I’m saying is that it’s alright to enjoy the comforts we have but don’t go overboard. If no one is using the lights, switch it off. You don’t need a table full of food that will mostly end up in the bin, just a plate of healthy portions that goes into your tummy.

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Epilator Central: You are really into the environment. Has it always been this way?

Growing up, I was the quiet kid that liked observing things around me and it was when I was a teen that I started growing an interest in how various factors affect the environment. By the time I was in University, I started volunteering for an Environmental Non-Governmental Organisation and was further exposed into the issues regarding our environment.

Epilator Central: Have you ever tried to make your own beauty products instead of buying packaged ones?

Yes! I make my own lip balm, scrub and mask using natural ingredients. I love making my own product because I get to control the ingredients that I put on myself and the amount needed to ensure no wastage.

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Epilator Central: What beauty product are you addicted to?

I love makeup products, I love playing with colours and trying out different texture. I am currently obsessed with Colourpop Cosmetics.

Other than that, I’m addicted to natural oils and ingredients. When I’m not reviewing skincare products for my blog, I revert back to using basic ingredients to allow my skin heal and one of my favourite natural oils is Jojoba Oil.

braun face cleansing makeup test

Epilator Central: About the Braun Face, we love how you tested the Braun cleansing brush with the toughest makeup. Tell our readers about that.

Aww, thanks! I try to cover aspects that a consumer would be interested to know before they make their purchase. So when Braun Face claims to be able to remove makeup thoroughly, that was a claim that I wanted to know if it’s true.

If I could improve Braun Face Cleansing Brush, it would definitely be the bristles and the design of the brush head.

And what better way to test its validity than to put it to the test, so I took 2 of the toughest makeup products that I use (Laneige BB Cream and K-palette Tattoo Eyeliner), applied it onto the back of my hand and tried to remove them with Braun Face Cleansing Brush. For those who aren’t users of these two products, Laneige BB Cream is a foundation that is super waterproof and K-palette Tattoo Eyeliner leaves a stain on the skin that’s hard to get rid off.

So, with a little facial cleanser (Creme Simon’s Foaming Cleanser) and moisten skin, I flicked the device on and worked it on my skin. I did 10 secs with the brush head rotating right and another 10 secs rotating left, working the brush with up, down and circular movements. After 20 secs, I stopped and did a comparison.

It was thoroughly clean with no makeup residue or stain. I was impressed.

Epilator Central: What would you improve about the Braun Face cleansing brush?

Personally, I found the bristles of the brush a little too coarse for my liking. It left my skin a little sore after use. Moreover, I also found it a little troublesome in terms of placing the device down right after use, to rinse my face, because this device can’t be placed upright and the brush head is bound to touch a surface.

So if I could improve Braun Face Cleansing Brush, it would definitely be the bristles and the design of the brush head to allow it to be covered with a protective cap or the design of the device to allow it to stand upright on its own after use.

using Braun Face on eyebrows

Epilator Central: You rated the epilator very high. What did you like most about it? What areas of your face have you epilated on?

I like it when a product meets the claims that it promises to deliver, I found that Braun Face Epilator was really effective at removing fine strands of hair, it does a through job and it was a device that is easy to travel with. I tried it around my eyebrows and upper lip.

The power of the battery affects the speed of the rotation.

Epilator Central: You have an interesting way of cleaning around the brows by holding the facial epilator horizontally. Describe your amazing technique.

So, instead of using the epilator vertically, I would place the epilatior head horizontally while the head rotates in the opposite direction to the hair growth direction when I’m epilating around my brows. I find that it removes more stray hairs and I can get closer to the brows but that being said~ do be very careful not to go too close. This device is not to be used to shape your brows.

Epilator Central: We thought the battery was the biggest downside of the Braun Face Epilator and Cleansing Brush. Did you find that to be a problem? How long does it last for you?

Yes! In fact, that’s the only downside I faced with Braun Face Epilator. The power of the battery affects the speed of the rotation. I noticed that during the period when the battery was new and “full”, the speed of the rotation is faster compared to the later period.

I found that the batteries would only last me an average of 2 sessions, that means epilating around my brow and upper lip per session. So, for a better experience, I would recommend ensuring that your battery is “fresh” or newly charged (for rechargeable batteries) with each use.

Epilator Central: What’s the simplest thing we can do to create a more sustainable environment?

Practice green habits daily, everyone is aware of how to reduce wastage but most don ’t practice these habits.

Practice green habits daily, everyone is aware of how to reduce wastage but most don ’t practice these habits. And basically, the main advice I can part off with is to use only what you need. As an individual, all it takes to do your part for the environment is to consume responsibility and within a balanced limit.

Epilator Central: It was such a pleasure interviewing you beautiful. Take care.

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